Sebastian Varga has worked in and on IT almost his whole life. Starting at the age of 8 years, he hacked away with his friends on a C64, taking his first steps on the build-in BASIC interpreter and then moving on to Assembler. A few years and Commodore's Amiga, later he finally ended up on DIY PC-Hardware, and became an early adopter of Linux and its community. But of course he always kept in touch with the Windows world, too.

When starting his professional IT-career in a mid-sized company, IT was still seen by most managers as an irksome appendix. But with the professionalization of the internet came the need to professionalize IT departments. So Sebastian's task was to transform the make-shift, all-purpose, under the table PC running E-Mail, File-Service and everything else into a professional and reliable micro server farm. He then introduced a proper CMS for the global website and made the IT ready for the 2000s.

Moving to Google, Sebastian was introduced to the world of large scale data centers and global network infrastructure. For the next five years, he travelled the globe to learn about pretty much every technical and procedural aspect of providing excellent services to the customers. Of course, one of his highlights was, when he inadvertently rebooted a whole production cluster of roughly 10,000 machines, triggering him and the company to approach change management more carefully.

After his tenure with Google, Sebastian became a freelance consultant where he was able to spread his wings and to apply his technical knowledge in a much more business focused environment. He found himself in massive migration projects which required him to handle internal personnel, external providers and a complex technical environment and put everything together without bringing the business to a halt. Several successful migration projects (e.g., Lotus Notes to Exchange while consolidating the underlying infrastructure), the introduction of mobile device management to 20,000 employees in less than six months with a team of three, or the discovery of over 500,000 poorly encrypted network-socket connections and the subsequent introduction of a remediation process to fix the issues, were some milestones of his careers.

Recently, Sebastian - also having a legal background - has moved to help companies to implement the 2016 introduced and 2018 enforced GDPR properly and is currently developing and deploying several technical solutions in this area.

Feel free to contact Sebastian via direct message at Twitter at @sebvarga or send an e-mail to